Grain Bins

Grain Bins

Grain bins are vital for agricultural storage, preserving valuable crops reliably and efficiently. At Zaxon Construction, we’re a renowned company in Jonesboro, Arkansas, that understands their significance. With our commitment to excellence and years of experience, we deliver exceptional products every time. 

Our grain bins are made of top-quality materials, ensuring durability and longevity. Whether you’re looking for a new design-build or grain bins for sale, trust us to exceed your expectations!

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    Discover Our Diverse Range of Grain Bins

    Our selection of grain bins for sale includes:

    Hopper Bottom Bins

    These bins are designed with a sloped bottom, allowing for easy and efficient unloading of grains. They are ideal for operations that require frequent grain movement and provide excellent grain flow.

    Flat-Bottom Bins

    With a flat floor design, these bins maximize storage capacity and accommodate various grain types. They feature smooth interior walls for easy cleaning and are suitable for long-term grain storage.

    Corrugated Steel Bins

    Known for their durability and strength, our corrugated steel bins are built to withstand harsh weather conditions. They offer secure storage while ensuring optimal ventilation for grain preservation.

    Essential Features of Our Grain Bins for Optimal Storage Solutions

    Our grain storage solutions come with various features to meet your specific needs:

    1. We use high-quality materials like galvanized steel and reinforced concrete.
    2. We offer small bins for on-farm use and large commercial-sized bins.
    3. Our bins include well-designed ladders, guardrails, and convenient access points.
    4. Our grain bins feature efficient ventilation systems that promote proper airflow and moisture control.
    5. Our bins are equipped with advanced aeration systems that regulate temperature and moisture.
    6. We offer cone and dome roofs that provide structural integrity and weather resistance.
    7. Our customizations allow additional features, accessories, or modifications.

    Trust Our Grain Storage Experts At Zaxon Construction!

    Trust Zaxon Construction for your grain storage needs. With extensive knowledge of best practices, safety regulations, and industry trends, our team offers unparalleled expertise. Take advantage of what we offer, like free consultations, no-obligation quotes, custom design plans, top-notch service, and even advice on maintaining your project after it’s done. 

    We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional value, ensuring your facility is optimized for efficiency and productivity. Trust the best – trust Zaxon Construction for a superior grain storage solution!

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